The Marsden Swim School is Singapore’s “one-stop” aquatic education centre for all the family, with programs for Infants & Toddlers, learn to swim and technique classes and Junior, Senior and Adult Swim Squad programs.


Infants & Toddlers

Our AUSTSWIM water safety and familiarization classes for children aged six months to four years old may be the most important enrichment activity you give your child- it may save their life!
In addition, research by Griffith University in Australia (2010-present) shows that regular swimming lessons from an early age (six months is ideal) help children reach motor, cognitive, academic, emotional and language developmental milestones earlier than non-swimming children.

Conducted by caring, qualified professionals who understand little ones, other benefits of our 30-minute, small-group swim classes include:

  • Bonding with parent/caretaker who is in the water with the child
  • Enhanced self esteem and independence as children achieve demonstrable skills at their own pace
  • Prevention of water fears as babies less than a year old accept the water more readily than older children
  • Better sleep and appetite as swimming classes relax and stimulate babies
  • Strengthened respiratory system as swimming is the exercise of choice for asthmatics
  • Increased muscle tone as in the water, babies are less restricted by gravity and their ability to sit or stand
  • Exposure to the teachers, routine and structure of swimming classes prepares children for school
  • Children develop social skills and friendships as they have fun with other students
  • Stroke development comes much easier if the foundation of water safety/familiarization skills such as  breath control, buoyancy and propulsion, have been laid properly
  • A lifelong habit of fitness and sport is encouraged if swimming is introduced early in life

Pre-conditioning Your Baby for Submersion

Babies are special! Their in-womb experience prepares them for in-water experiences without adverse effects. Newborn babies automatically stop breathing if they are placed under water for a short period of time and so avoid inhaling water.
We recommend parents precondition their infants through a simple process which begins with the parent and baby at bath time to continue developing their natural ease in the water:

  • Start by taking a cup of water, ensuring the water is at bath temperature and use the key words: “(Child’s name), ready, one, two, three, go.” Wait one second then pour the water on the child’s forehead allowing it to run smoothly and evenly across the child’s face. Always start with the key words, “(Child’s name), ready, one, two, three, go” and make sure your physical actions remain rhythmical and constant. Remember to smile, laugh and cuddle your child to help him/her (and you!) relax.
  • When your baby is very small, you may prefer to drip water from a wet washer/flannel over his/her face. Remember to go slow and be patient.
  • By doing this pre-conditioning exercise at home, you and your infant will be much more prepared and therefore relaxed when you join us for swimming class.

Learn to Swim

Technique, technique, technique! While many swim schools focus on energetic, fun classes in the early years, it is extremely important to also concentrate on correct technique otherwise bad habits can set in and lead to inefficient strokes.

Many four- and five-year-olds in Singapore may be able to “swim” across or under the surface of a pool but without proper guidance the stroke they are “swimming” may be unrecognisable and extremely inefficient making longer swims difficult.

Marsden Swim School instructors are known for their attention to detail in implementing our AUSTSWIM-endorsed Learn To Swim program, along with a low-stress, warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our AUSTSWIM Learn To Swim classes usually have a maximum of four swimmers per class so individual attention is ensured. In some cases, semi-private or individual classes can also be arranged.

Programs cover:

  • Buoyancy on the front and back, rotation, gliding, propulsion with the arms and legs, diving and kickboard work are introduced and built upon over four different levels.
  • Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke are complemented by an understanding of butterfly and sidestroke.
  • Water safety skills including the prevention of dangerous aquatic situations and simple rescues of self and others are also explored each term.

Classes are conducted at Turf City (“The Grandstand”), Ang Mo Kio,  Queenstown  and Canadian International School (see Locations). We offer Learn To Swim classes 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm, please see Term Dates section for more information.


Stroke Development

Once students have basic competency in swimming 10-15M in all four fundamental strokes plus survival strokes of sidestroke and survival backstroke and in diving off the side of the pool, our instructors carefully help them to swim these strokes over longer distances without sacrificing technique.

Apart from working on swimming correctly over longer distances, swimmers in our stroke development classes are introduced to competitive starts, turns and finishes.

Once this Stroke Development program is completed students are able to transition to our 45-minute Developmental Squad and/or hour-long Junior or Senior Squads. (See below for more details on these Programs)

These classes are open to all ages and are held at the bigger pools, either at Queenstown, Ang Mo Kio or CIS. Please see Term Dates for more information.


Swim Squads

Development Squad

Our development squad is a 45 minute bridging session for those promoted from our Learn to Swim lessons, not quite ready for the long distances swum in Junior Squad. With smaller class sizes than full squad, the emphasis is on adding greater distance to our sessions whilst maintaining technique. This is a great introduction to swimming in a squad as we continue to build stamina, refine strokes, starts and turns.

Junior Squad

For those ready to cover greater distances without sacrificing technique, our Junior Squad program is a 1hr session where participants get the chance to be part of a team. We enter many swim meets throughout the year giving our team the chance to continually improve on their personal bests in a fun but competitive environment.

Our Head Coach Arnaud D’enfert (See Coach profiles) knows how to get the best out of his team whilst creating an environment where kids want to come to swim training and push themselves to be their best.

We swim at Queenstown Swimming Complex, Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex and the OCBC Swim Centre. (See Term Dates)


Our Senior Squad is for those ready for a longer session at 1.5hrs. We continue to build our swimming fitness and improve upon personal bests in a fun and professional environment with Head Coach Arnaud D’enfert (See Coach Profiles).

We swim at Queenstown Swimming Complex, Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex and the OCBC Swim Centre (See Term Dates)


Swimming is not just for the kids! We offer Adult Squad sessions three times a week at 9am Tuesday Mornings at Queenstown, 7pm Wednesdays at Queenstown and 8am Sundays at The Canadian International School.

Whether looking to build fitness, preparing for a triathlon or looking to refine technique and maintain it over greater distances we can help in a fun, professional environment. Whatever your goals, we can discuss and work towards them.