What Sets Us Apart


The Marsden Swim School is Singapore’s “one-stop” aquatic education centre for all the family, with programs for Infants & Toddlers, learn to swim and technique classes and Junior, Senior and Adult Swim Squad programs.

With over 20 years’ experience in Singapore; Marsden Swim School and Squad invests heavily in the qualifications and professional development of its teaching staff, most of whom are full-time expatriates or locals with overseas training and experience.

Marsden Swim School and Squad is the only tier-one AUSTSWIM* centre in Singapore. All of our swim teachers have AUSTSWIM certifications and all our squad coaches are ASCTA coaches. Most also have the important local NCAP accreditation. All have first-aid and life-saving qualifications and most have University degrees.

Caring, committed and qualified, Marsden Swim School and Squad instructors want you and your family to enjoy each session with us, developing life skills and a love for the water.

The range of our pool environments is also unique in Singapore. We are able to offer heated and covered pools to our younger swimmers, who start at six months old, as well 25 metre and 50 metre training pools for our older Squad swimmers. Because of our investment in quality infrastructure, your child’s changing aquatic needs are catered for throughout their development.

Small classes and thoughtful attention to individual needs and goals help us consistently deliver high standards of excellence with a personal touch. We understand that delivering quality education is a “people business” and we are dedicated to helping all of our students enjoy the life-long sport of swimming as much as we do.

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- Sam Jackson, Managing Director and Coach of Marsden Swim School



Coach Profiles



I have been teaching swimming for 10 years and I find immense pleasure in helping those young and old find their confidence and joy in the water. From toddlers becoming acquainted with the water, to those swimming competitively breaking their personal bests, swimming is an all inclusive sport and more importantly a life skill that i am passionate about.

I'm proud that our Swim school offers the opportunity for our students to progress right from toddlers to competitive swimmers in a fun, safe professional environment with the highest standard of coaching. We strive for excellence with well rounded, personable and highly qualified coaches. All of our coaches can teach toddlers right through to squads and adults so they understand what needs to be done at each stage of development.

I also strongly believe in a teaching environment for both the students and their parents or caretakers so that the learning continues outside the lesson. At Marsden Swim School we work towards ensuring all our students are comfortable, confident, happy and excelling.


Bachelors of Sports and Leisure Management Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive swimming Austswim Teacher of Water Safety Austswim Teacher of Infants Austswim Teacher of Competitive Strokes ASCTA Bronze Singapore SwimSafer NCAP Singapore Swimming Level 1



Arnaud is an all rounder instructor comfortable teaching and coaching all levels from babies to adult, from beginners level to elite triathletes and swimmers. His coaching philosophy is to learn how to use the water instead of fighting it.

Former member of the Modern Penthalon French team for over 10 years, Arnaud has developed a sense of perfection and an eye for small details that will help improve your swimming technique and physical conditioning.

Always ensuring that his teaching and coaching is of the latest and highest standards he regularly add certifications from around the world.


Singapore SG coach Level 1 France Swimming coach level 1 Australia ASCTA Bronze license Australia AUSTSWIM: babies, toddlers and competitive strokes Member of the Modern Penthalon French team for 10 years



I grew up with a passion for sport. During my education, I loved to take part and compete in individual sports such as swimming, badminton and sprinting, and team sports such as football and rugby. Throughout school, college and university, I was very lucky to have one constant: excellent coaches. I feel the experiences I had working with these different personalities and ideas have helped me become the coach I am today.

Before I moved to Singapore, I lived in the UK and Australia, running a successful swim school for David Lloyd Leisure in my hometown, Chorley and working for Melbourne Sports & Aquatics Centre.

I am an experienced adult coach and special needs instructor, my passion for swimming is absolute and I strive to help you achieve your goals.


BA (Hons) Degree in Sport BTEC Sports Development & Fitness ASA Level 1 & 2 Teaching Aquatics ASA Introduction to Competitive Strokes AUSTSWIM Teacher of Water Safety AUSTSWIM Teacher of Access & Inclusion AUSTSWIM Infant & Pre-school Aquatics Singapore Swimsafer NCAP Singapore Swimming Level 1 Singapore Sports Coach Level 1


      Jan Darmovzal-1.jpg

      + Jan Darmovzal,Swimming Coach

      Born in the Czech Republic, where he completed a sports science degree, Jan has always had a strong passion for sports. He practised judo in his hometown Breclav and competed in judo championships both in the Czech Republic and internationally.

      Jan is also an avid triathlete and has competed in several world-renowned ironman competitions as well as regional marathons, biathlons and aquathons. “Participating in triathlons strengthened my swimming skills, as open water swimming is one of the triathlon disciplines,” says the AUSTSWIM teacher of swimming and water safety.

      Jan’s goal as a swimming teacher and coach is to help produce the next generation of balanced, confident and considerate athletes.

      Qualifications AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety NCAP Level 1 Coach Ironman Judo Champion


      + Amy Burgess,Swimming Coach

      Hi, my name is Amy, I have been living in Singapore for 6 months with my husband who is a football coach here. Before moving to Singapore I worked as a Lifeguard and assistant swimming teacher for 8 years in the UK, whilst studying my A-Levels and Degree. As I child I always loved swimming and met some great friends from training and swimming competitively. I love swim teaching for many reasons, but mainly I have a passion for health and fitness and I believe swimming is a fantastic and fun way to keep active; all children should have an opportunity to learn how to swim! In my spare time I enjoy travelling and seeing the sights of beautiful Asia and dining out/socialising with great friends

      Qualifications Degree - Bachelor Diet, Nutrition & Health (Hons ) ASA level 1 Swimming Teaching AUSTSWIM certified National Pool Lifegaurd Qualification level 2


      + Shanna,Swimming Coach

      Shanna grew up on a farm about 200km from Perth, Western Australia. Her love of swimming is only matched by her love of horses. Holding AUSTSWIM’s teacher of swimming and water safety and teacher of infant and preschool aquatics, and various lifesaving qualifications, she has been teaching swimming since she left school. I enjoy teaching swimming because its a life skill everyone should have and its great to watch the kids develop their skills in swimming.

      Qualifications Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Teacher of infant and Preschool Aquatics


      + Damian Goh,Swimming Coach

      Originally from the UK, Damian moved with his family to the Far East when he was 3 and quickly grew to love the various water activities that were common place in the region.

      Having developed a passion for the ocean he returned to the UK to study Marine Biology and after graduating went on to get a commercial diving qualification before working as a Marine Biologist in Hong Kong and Singapore.

      He returned once more to the UK for a career in Finance IT but eventually found himself back in Singapore where he retrained as an AUSTSWIM teacher of swimming and water safety and AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics.

      Swimming is a fun and important skill that every person should have, and teaching children to swim and watching them progress is so fulfilling. The excitement from them as they achieve each milestone, and the reactions from their parents is a reward in itself.

      Qualifications AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant & PreSchool Aquatics NCAP Coach Level 1 Marine Biology Qualification Commercial Diving Qualification


      + Yun Yi Lek,Swimming Coach

      I have a great sense of achievement when I see all the "first times" that the little ones accomplish. The first time they jump into water fearlessly, the first time they put their faces in the water, the first time they swim without parents. Such experience is priceless and satisfying. Definitely a big motivating factor in my love of teaching Swimming!

      Qualifications : AUSTSWIM teacher of Swimming and water safety AUSTSWIM teacher of infant and preschool aquatics


      + Janet Wallace,Office Manager

      Born in Singapore, I am British but a Permanent Resident here. I graduated from UWCSEA with an IB Diploma and went on to study Office Management. I have been an Administrator with Marsden Swim School for almost 5 years now at our Turf City location enjoying every minute of my time here and hoping to continue being a part of this wonderful team for as long as I can. I truly enjoy interacting with the babies, toddlers and the parents who pop in to the office just to say ‘Hi!’ and have a chat”. Sometimes it is sad for me to see the kids who started off here at Turf City whom I have gotten to know after many years progress on to our bigger pools in our other locations but at the same time proud that they have done so well. I have made many friends here and am glad to be of help and service to all our customers old and new.”


      + Anne Greetham,Admin & Accounts

      My name is Anne. I joined the company over 16 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of its growth. My admin and accounts role has evolved during this time to meet the challenges of growing from the small pool operation in the back garden to the wonderful multi pool service it offers today, this is why I love working with the Marsden team!